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  • Grower's Edge® Soft Garden Plant Tie

    Grower's Edge® Soft Garden Plant Tie

    Growers Choice

    Use Grower's Edge® Soft Garden Plant Tie with UV inhibitors to attach plant stems to stakes or support racks easily without damaging your plants. I...

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  • ROI-E420


    Growers Choice

    The ROI-E420 was specifically design with the hobbyist“in tent” applications and cultivators who need acompact led fixture that produces high photo...

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  • ROI-E680


    Growers Choice

    The ROI-E680 is the perfect balanceof size and performance for theexperienced hobbyist and professionalcultivators alike. The E680 is a moreportabl...

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  • ROI-E720


    Growers Choice

    The ROI-E720 is a user friendlycommercial grade fixture. However,Grower’s Choice does not recommendthe E720 for inexperienced growersor tent applic...

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