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Annihilation Concentrate 125ML

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Annihilation kills pests and mold using a proprietary technology to
unleash unparalleled effectiveness out of all-natural active ingredients.

Annihilation renders eggs, juveniles, and adult forms of soft-bodied insects ineffective and completely destroys  powder mold.  Annihilation will replace the need for multiple pesticides and the constant rotation between them. As Annihilation is so effective and harmless to plants, pest eradication, rather than pest maintenance, becomes the benchmark of successful application.

Annihilation at full strength has a zero hour return entry interval (REI) and is a contact killer that is compatible with any type of spray system. It is effective against Spider, Broad & Russet Mites, Thrips, Aphids, Root Aphids, and Powder Mold. To ensure complete coverage, spray plants up to 3 times within a 24-hour period. For young plants and unrooted clones, it is recommended to rinse plants 30 minutes after application. Annihilation can be used until day of harvest. Dispose of any leftover product in a drain connected to a septic system. Discard the product if the liquid has separated and is no longer translucent.